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A Voice for Members

The trucking business and the trucking industry in general are experiencing rapid-fire changes today as the economy shifts, and it can be impossible to keep up with all the details that are significant to you. Being a member of MTA gives you access to people whose mission it is to help our members not just survive in a competitive industry, but have a competitive edge.  

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Professional Services

The MTA drug & alcohol testing programs, licensing and compliance services, educational resources, and our Midwest Truckers Risk Management Association (MTRMA) are the best available. Our services are affordable and enable your fleet wheels to keep on turning avoiding idle time.  Check out the MTA Member Services page to see everything offered with an MTA membership.

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Communication with Members

MTA will keep you informed and protect your interests against unreasonable and unjust laws and taxes with email alerts and through our monthly publication,

Keep on Truckin’ News.    You can also keep up with the latest evets on our

MTA Facebook page.

Association Business Member is a member who does not own or operate trucks but who provides services and products to truck operators. (Yearly dues are $290)

To apply for membership, please complete the following online application, or download a copy and send it to our office.

Please give our office one full business day to process your application.

Pricing for Regular Membership is as follows:

1 unit -   $250.00

5 units - $290.00

9 units - $330.00

13 units - $355.00

17 units - $375.00

21 units - $395.00

2 units - $260.00

6 units - $300.00

10 units - $340.00

14 units - $360.00

18 units - $380.00

22 units - $400.00

3 units - $270.00

7 units - $310.00

11 units - $345.00

15 units - $365.00

19 units - $385.00

23 units - $405.00

4 units - $280.00

8 units - $320.00

12 units - $350.00

16 units - $370.00

20 units - $390.00

24 units - $410.00

In the event that the necessity would arise for Mid-West Truckers Association, Inc. to place any claim in litigation, applicant agrees that said claim would be under the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court of Sangamon County, State of Illinois, and further agree that there shall be added to the unpaid balance all court costs incurred, plus reasonable attorney fees.

I hereby apply for membership in the Mid-West Truckers Association Inc. with membership dues of for the coming year. $5.00 of this amount is for a one-year subscription to Keep on Truckin' News.

Are you in it for the long haul ?